A collection of adornments inspired by the Garden of Eden and Underwater, which can be worn individually or collated into one larger piece.


Aurelia Aurita: Chiffon Adornment

Another name for the moon jellyfish, this lends itself to the fluidity of the chiffon. The beaded crin attachment has created a feature at the back, introducing more areas of diligence and intricacy, whilst the luxurious quality of the chiffon and ostrich feather, juxtapose the structural form of The Glow Worm.

Glow Worm: Black Beaded Crin Adornment

Resembling the movement of a snake or sea worm, the beaded crin has dynamism of its owns, difficult to fix in a particular shape. The metre long structure was designed as a neck adornments, but can adorn the wrist or the neck in an alternative way